were we supposed to end like this was it how ours should have ended wasn't there a thing, something, anything we could have done different? weren't we to be each others everything? say something desperation is wrecking me apart is this it? puckermob


Time and again  You prove  Not worth a year she cries But late in the loneliest of nights When even the stars escape her She cries Because you are you  To her you'll always be worth.


​Love like pain too Demands to be felt And hers for him tonight Hang her on the rocks Piercing nails to her heart Time and again 

Daily Prompts: Timely

It is sad how timely this heartbreak came I've been trying to understand how we ended up this road how calm you are acting all like you don't care trying to make it go away but I can't and your timely absence just when I needed you most hurts me still does so via Daily... Continue Reading →


Anxiety  Worries Pain cause my eyes all teary Been for the last year If only speak Every letter written  Shredded Every calls  hung up To see your face  All words escaped  in anger.

Losing ‘happy’

To kiss your red lips Have your hands run all over her Get heat in the tight hug Burn in love with you made her happy Then you walked out Without a word  How's she not to think too much?  Wasn't she good enough?  Is it anything she did? We're you gonna come back?  Endless... Continue Reading →

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