I miss my innocence everything about me before you what it used to be like before we happened and drifted so far apart did I even matter you say I complicated issues tell me when was it ever less complicated before me or us? cause I'm lost trying to figure it all out too... sadness... Continue Reading →


where do I go from here? tell me from where you used to want me to love me you said you did I get lost finding my way end up in circles time and again the paths all seem the same cold, dark and lonely my mind knows no other but here where you left... Continue Reading →

love me too..

are you coming home? its tiring crying every night because my heart still holds to you wishing you'd feel the same way love me too and come home to stay. photo credit: copicola

loneliness made me

An artist photographer student of all things. The sun, the moon  and solitude my new found lovers the air in the falling rain master of everything captured so perfectly except for the mastery of forgetting the pain in my broken heart. pinterest


Love wasn't enough when he loved her she'd never been fortunate  Too choosy she wanted the one 'good' for her she always seem to love the  wrong one In all honesty she loved Liam  the flames in his brown eyes the husky voice so sweet the walls he broke with his touch When they kissed ... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget me

You were never mine to have even so Suddenly I realise without you I'm lost this heart and mind  all stop  waiting for you  to find me again.

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