what did I do wrong?

where did I go wrong?


one last time

because we just can't be. together isn't for us.

lost #2

You were not the kind to break hearts  Nor were you the kind to keep it together You loved, I loved, we loved but still broke and crushed.


Woe unto me that the pleasures of chasing after you consumed my heart. And the triumph of love shortly lived was just another vanity of vanities. Curiosity drove my reckless heart Oh that it had listened to the cowardness of reason Maybe we'd still be whole.

Do you?

Shared the stars and the moon with you Two things that'd never fail to return though they leave Somehow I'd hoped you'd return too if ever you left me But you left With your love too You never did. Do you still think of me When the night's gone dark And it's all silent And... Continue Reading →

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