Twas all out in the open All the emotions and dreams she Used to bury in her heart Poured herself right before him Still he couldn't see How much she was in love with him She lost sanity She just wanted him His heart of all hearts that beat. This time her love Her big... Continue Reading →


daily prompt:Quill

she wondered, were her words all wrong was the magic in her quill pen gone too? maybe twas her shaky handwriting anxiety and restlessness her desperate heart needed a reason you stopped replying to her letters she began writing her letters in twos keep a copy for herself for a later read maybe she'd find... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Loop

she's broken and every time in loops the pieces fall won't someone hold her make them stop? won't you hold her a hug be there for her wipe clear the taint pain has clouded over her eyes help her see. she's drowning won't you swim to her hold her hand pull her out of the... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Meddle

wasn't supposed to meddle but she did his eyes brown and sleepy the smile swaying something about him melted her heart away she had to follow thought she'd try. his hands running over her body his lips brushing down her neck the chills when he breathed down her spine set a fire to her heart... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Relieved

cover me take me in embrace my breaking self a home in your arms let me find or break my heart  and let me go I wanna be free relieved. another night setting in alone my scars peel open wounds seem to burst open unknown how to lay here and stop these emotions from overflowing... Continue Reading →

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