So many times they told me I didn't have a heart I believed them Thought twas just some bag That got inflated and deflated to keep me alive Then you came along For the first time I felt Guess my "heart" overworked Loved so hard broke it along the way Muscles should have learned to... Continue Reading →



"I can't do this anymore " She whispers to herself Burying her head in the pillow To silence her cry Screams in her breaking heart Fill the lonely dark night This time she gives in Tired and worn out Fighting to stay strong "I can't do this anymore" mourns Kelly

Here tonight

I miss me And all those times When I didn't miss you When caring didn't hurt this much When loneness didn't hurt And nothing was about you I miss me before you.


Torn up inside Tripping Tears rolling down Stuck here In the corridors of life Lost of consciousness Don't know where to go I needed a friend Desperately wished it was you But no You'd said your goodbyes And looking back wasn't your thing I needed you To look back and be there for me Tell... Continue Reading →

Lost chances

You were in front of me To hold tight to you And kiss you Was all I wanted to do My heart to tell you How much I love you How I've needed you And missed you so I wanted to love you But my stubborn head stopped me Today too like the last times... Continue Reading →

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