Making a choice.

​All along I've been fighting Fighting to have a friend in you But all this I didn't see it Maybe was playing blind A friend isn't what you wanted At least not the way I wanted you to You needed different  And I've been pulling myself down Feeling sorry For not being able to give... Continue Reading →



He always found a way And this time he couldn't  He told her to stay Trying to be strong To hide and fight back tears When he needed her most He lost ways to ask her to To stay by her All he could say was " I'm not ok But I'll be" He wasn't... Continue Reading →

Like it was before

​I wanna look at his face  and not have all those feelings come rushing back. I wanna be over him Be so close to him  and have no desire for his kisses I wanna hold him tight  and not have my heart beat as fast I wanna watch him pass by  and not feel the... Continue Reading →

Life’s unavoidable lessons

What else was she supposed to do? Learn like everyone else Day by day she does  The nightmares slowly fading away She found a way To make peace with herself  And the thought of you never coming back. For a while she sat out  Always begging for you to come back  To love her even... Continue Reading →

‘Heartless bride’

​​They said to her somewhere along life You will find the one you truly love Sadly they won't be the one you spent your life with And this far I've seen it true Kind of thought that'd never be my story Then you happened  And from the start I knew You'd be my forever from a... Continue Reading →

Too late 

​He always knew he loved her But she didn't  Until when she had to leave  And every reason to stay revolved around him She did love him too. He hurt but taught himself to smile And watch her go. Her best friend. They had been friends for so long But with the unspoken emotions Separately... Continue Reading →

​themoon  Her kind of night  Where she shines   Fighting for nothing else  The skies,   The night  Belongs to her alone  Finally me and her to ourselves   A story worth telling

Thank you @100 

1000 followers in a month, 200 and the number went on. I've read through several 'thank you' posts. And all i would wish for was 100. Yes! "When i get to 100 I'll write my post too" i told myself . We'll truth be told, my page's running at about 95followers now, been writing for 2... Continue Reading →

Too much,was she?

​You know I waited all night for you Looking at the door, hoping you'd walk in Looking to my phone, maybe you'd call Listened to the radio, maybe you'd send a message like we always did Did it all fall away Ain't not even a trace of the love we shared left? Was #goodbye so... Continue Reading →

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