My own

Tell me not to love you I might never stop when you'll want me to. Tell me not to unlove you A knife down my own throat that'll be. Let me In my own way love you.





That I had the power to unlove you That I had the guts to reject you That I could listen to my heart everytime it warned me "No! Don't fall for it again" But your lips on mine And your heart beating to the pleasures Drove crazy my mind I couldn't I wanted to but... Continue Reading →


funny how much a fool you made of me and everytime you come around you still got the power all over again into that messed up shit I fall believing in your words " I love you" I know you don't  you never did but desperation keeps me holding on to the tiniest fragile link ... Continue Reading →

Let me

I'm allowed to miss you right? To still hold on to these feelings And dream about you I know we're over But I can Can't I?


It's tougher even breathing To go a day without you How was it so easy for you Going forever without me?

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