will you?

please stay I need you to. I'm not ready for goodbye a life without you. change our fate don't let go.


Down on the carpet So desperate to believe  This time it's love we're making Not just another sex scene "Tell me you love me That I'm not just your booty call Tell me you need me too Like I do you Tell me I'm worth something other than physical pleasure" On and on She goes... Continue Reading →


my favorite placewas knowing you were mine miles apart your love would you keep in the midnight hours in dreams will we always meet waiting expectantly you will return..  

The writer she became…

​Feelings into words Words onto paper Emotions flow down to the pen Her passion deep Love and hurt overflows A poem she says Soon she'll start over Move on With poetry Find reason.


From within her belly Butterflies fly out  Remind him of her existence.

Daily Prompts: Cling

"You.me.Us Picking up the pieces Let's start over" he said. She'd had her last Loved hard Hurt enough Chose to follow her head Her heart had driven her deep If to live She had to choose She chose her thoughts Clinging to hope Someday she'll be over him "Don't cling to me Let's go our... Continue Reading →


                   Her head strains in thought                                  Her heart won't let go.

Another love

"Don't get me wrong I love you so much" he said. Picked up his bag Kissed her one last time And left never looking back.       gone  It was all over She didn't get it  How someone who said loved her Left her to cold and loneliness  Without saying why. How was that love?

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