My wonder

you'll be



burn with me

flames and fire’s

Scared Scared I'm gonna lose It's gonna get boring The fire's gonna die Colder than we were we're going to end up So right here tonight If you must go Take it all. Take it all with you Leave not behind the torments of your memories Every trace of you From within and under my... Continue Reading →


As if to mock me Right at the corner of my eyes With every step I make At the same spot Not an inch out of place These stars Once our stars lay bare Reminding me of a love once was An attraction that never saw daylight A story left unfinished A dream, an illusion... Continue Reading →

Beautiful borders

Who said Beautiful things have to have thorns Beautiful places be expensive And beautiful people broken? Who said It has to pick to hold Drain to experience And hurt to love? Who said We can't have it all Whole Untainted Uncorrupted? When I look at you I find it all But it's not mine to... Continue Reading →

I try

Yet with the moon and stars Awake all night we lay Sleepless in thought of you Drowning in pieces Loving you a little more with each breath Taken in by the sight of you Smitten by you breathtaking smile We try But you aren't the type I keep failing At learning not to love you... Continue Reading →


Restless in the day Sleepless in the nights In search Pursuit of the unachievable A heart unreachable Emotions forbidden Homelessness self inflicted For that you call yours Is anothers home Yeah Sometimes home Is the heartbeat you can't find

You always do

To fly Further and further away That's her only wish One last time thing If only she'd hack it Resisting you But every time Weakness takes in In every way You draw her deeper in To a mess you don't know you create The sweet irresistible mess She wallows in freely To dry out in... Continue Reading →

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