Broken #2

She always did love broken things Just not her hearts pieces   Scattered right before her eyes Unable to put herself together.


Daily prompt: Conversation

We could have frozen Staring into each others eyes Under our misaligned stars And said nothing all night long It was always ok Till even in silence our conversations stopped I miss us You said we'd stick together We don't laugh Are you not happy anymore Please talk to me Text me Just do something... Continue Reading →


Free my heart An escape show me From the cage of rejection Save my heart from the cruelty I've been unloved Loneliness my companion Since you went away They never seem to stay Nowhere to hold in these pieces of my heart so prickly Free me to love Someone to patch me up Free me... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Relocate

That night Looking into your eyes I knew I needed to relocate my heart It'd be long coming but when the sun set And the moon his beneath the clouds In your voice I heard And your actions screamed out loud Twas time to let you go You had never been mine All this while... Continue Reading →

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