By his side

To lay besides him so close in  the arms of the one she loved There's nothing else she'd want for With him, she had everything.



​I need a life My life isn't building me up Instead I break down by the minute I think I'm living Everyday at the same corner, looking at the same thing,  thinking about the same old things,  drowning and drowning  in thoughts that should have changed Crying every tear that never seems to end And... Continue Reading →

To me…

​If you ever wander  With no place to lay  I'll be your home  Your hide from the rain  Your shade from the scorching sun  A drop of water for your lips in the drought  A guide when you can't find your way  Light for you when yours seems to be fading  Your carrier when your... Continue Reading →


She walked around Head up high A plastic smile so deceiving  Laughter only those who knew her caught the difference. She had purposed to keep up the potrait She wasn't ok, no She was torn, a while deep within her A sadness so dark But she wasn't gonna let him win See her broken and... Continue Reading →


​Even the tears refuse to fall Heart's got lots to pour Mouth won't open to speak Hands won't write either So she lays  And hopes that one will obey someday And relieve her of the brokenness that piles within  Someday freedom will find its way to her  Someday they'll meet

Trying to keep sanity

​If only to sleep and forget She would give anything  Oh that he'd leave her mind And be gone from her heart by dawn. That she would stop dreaming of him And loving him so To let go That's all she needed.

Grey Facade

​She hated it Having to live in the shadows  Love the man she did Miss him Then have to act emotionless  Like he didn't stir her heart unusually  Like she didn't want to be with him What was she to do All she wanted was to be able to love him But life was that... Continue Reading →

Just for a moment 

Her reality hurt  But her life she loved  A moment to laugh  Priceless to her own heart  Relieved her from the pain she bore. If she'd afford it She'd give everything  To save her breaking heart. To keep the smile and laughter real.

If only I could…

​He's happy with his life Not a thought of me I bet  while I'm stuck  Everyday, every night, everytime Unintentionally to end up Always thinking only about him. Sucks and hurts I could have swore He wasn't gonna be like them But how wrong would I have ended Coz he surpassed them Broke my heart... Continue Reading →

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