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​I need a life My life isn't building me up Instead I break down by the minute I think I'm living Everyday at the same corner, looking at the same thing,  thinking about the same old things,  drowning and drowning  in thoughts that should have changed Crying every tear that never seems to end And… Continue reading Sunrise



She walked around Head up high A plastic smile so deceiving  Laughter only those who knew her caught the difference. She had purposed to keep up the potrait She wasn't ok, no She was torn, a while deep within her A sadness so dark But she wasn't gonna let him win See her broken and… Continue reading Hope

life · love


​Even the tears refuse to fall Heart's got lots to pour Mouth won't open to speak Hands won't write either So she lays  And hopes that one will obey someday And relieve her of the brokenness that piles within  Someday freedom will find its way to her  Someday they'll meet