when she counts family you are in it though you'll never be cause she's not your kind of girl


Always the same two feet Sometimes walked me into life Into a haven on earth Sometimes led me astray into death I've lived life But a dozen times too I've died Built up walls Gotten them broken too Iced my heart as we walked into heat Sometimes too much I melt But I've lived And... Continue Reading →

what if?

What if it was you? What if it was you, At the park just trying to find a place to sleep? Wandering around searching for food, all you hear in the background is.. “look at that creep!” and all your trying to do is find something to eat, Maybe this was the first meal you…… via... Continue Reading →


won't you let me love you more show you better than she ever will I know I can... this once      

The last

If this is goodbye Let me tell you One last time That I love you. It's hard But I'll learn To walk that road alone Live dreams we had for us, alone. I can't help it That I'm still in love with you Wanting to cling to you Stop you from leaving But if this... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Relieved

cover me take me in embrace my breaking self a home in your arms let me find or break my heart  and let me go I wanna be free relieved. another night setting in alone my scars peel open wounds seem to burst open unknown how to lay here and stop these emotions from overflowing... Continue Reading →

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