adrift in circles twas all in my head the song of love we danced to your arms where I laid I loved you and that only I knew life without you day in and out was adrift in a sea of unknown everyday hoping it won't be the day my boat capsizes so I can... Continue Reading →


why not me? why couldn't you just love me? I've been writing you letters called you just to hear your voice but no! you weren't home said you were looking for someone to love you to care and give you attention for a moment it was me whom you called and sought for how did we... Continue Reading →


Truth always hurt But looking into your eyes everyday  Knowing you'd never love me Killed a little of me each time.            rejected


​Love like pain too Demands to be felt And hers for him tonight Hang her on the rocks Piercing nails to her heart Time and again 

Daily Prompts:  Final

You were her final straw at love Now all she's got  Besides her broken heart and dreams Memories, you left her in the cold Are all questions that'll remain unanswered "Did you even love me?"  She asks your ghosts that keep lingering  In her mind and heart Reminding her of things you promised  But never... Continue Reading →

say it

don't let it pass us by today, here and now say you love me too try don't let words fall short it's still one last left say you love me too I'm ready to love and with you I will let me go say you love me too and I'll be yours forever... photo courtesy:Medium

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