Crippled by her eerie love

Uneasiness fills her as he walks by She smiles and secretly hopes he won't stop  That he'd assume not having seen her and walk right past.  The creepiest chills run down her spine  She wanted him To take her hand Slip her beneath his arms  And drive away her tears. But when he stopped An... Continue Reading →


His song..

​So sweetly he sang to the strings of guitar he played She didn't even notice the tears till down her eyes He unconsciously sang his love  Everything he had held himself from saying to her Why didn't he sing it to her then  Then when he met her  Why now when someone else held her... Continue Reading →

Walking dead..

​If to forget you To stop missing you Thinking of you  Needing only you this much  Still loving you If to stop waiting on you  Makes me courageous  Then I guess I'm a coward Because all these I can't do😢

Losing battles

​Too scared to follow what she wanted Hiding behind all the reasons she'd afford to form up Weren't convincing enough even to her But she bore walls with them  Now Liam is gone Walked away like she wanted him to She realizes how lonely life is Because her only joy The forbidden man She loved ... Continue Reading →

No regrets..

​Should have set a valve to this heart  To close off when friendship began to overflow to love. Now I lay all night in tears  Wondering why I missed it. Protecting this heart from breaking. The only thing I ould have done right So whom I'm I gonna tell To whom will I flee Hide... Continue Reading →

Crazy her..

In her crazy little mind She dreamt and hoped He was gonna run crazy someday   And love her too. quietly she missed him and loved him  He had ignored her all her days She couldn't handle a rejection on her confession  So she went on  With a private one part love.

His loss, her pain…

Secretly she watched him Peeping over her laptop at him seated across  Pretending to be very much into her work But her eyes wouldn't keep off him A pinch of jealousy caught up with her A little anger and hurt She was into him Loving him, wanting only him But she couldn't tell him He... Continue Reading →

Beyond words..

From the moment I looked into his eyes Barely a word had he spoken But I knew He'd be the one to break my heart. And sure to it  He did just that. Somehow I'd thought I'd change that But in too deep didnt realize when i began to fall Felt twas wrong  But couldn't... Continue Reading →

One last try

​ It's not working is it? I thought it would  A girl's gotta try Thought if I kept off You'd need me so helplessly and come around  You'd miss me damn bad and seek for me You'd hunger in love with me But today I see I made things easier for you In my absence... Continue Reading →

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