And I will LOVE for a long time



These things I think and feel All I know is I hurt Each time it's you If I don't love you Then I don't truly know AndI can't take it anymore


"Nothing is ever gonna be the same" she said. "Not then not now, never Not after you Cause I don't know How to be me again without you" she continued in tears But he'd never cared And last night when he got up and left Twas the best thing he ever did for her Cause... Continue Reading →


So many times they told me I didn't have a heart I believed them Thought twas just some bag That got inflated and deflated to keep me alive Then you came along For the first time I felt Guess my "heart" overworked Loved so hard broke it along the way Muscles should have learned to... Continue Reading →


Maybe someday When I'm done feeling Listening to my broken heart I will think better And everything else Will make sense Someday.

If only

You were supposed to be different To love me when I was unlovable To miss me when no one else did To want me when nothing about me seemed desirable To stay by me when everyone else left To fight with and for me even when I couldn't for myself Remember me when I went... Continue Reading →


To scream at the raging waves Dance through the loudest music Drive to nowhere ten thousand miles Walk a million steps in the rain Cry my heart out wash away these emotions If it's everything I will do To forget you.

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