Tear me up

​They never left Still here These Feelings Keep Returning To...     Photo courtesy: Love you  


​Love like pain too Demands to be felt And hers for him tonight Hang her on the rocks Piercing nails to her heart Time and again 

Daily Prompts:  Final

You were her final straw at love Now all she's got  Besides her broken heart and dreams Memories, you left her in the cold Are all questions that'll remain unanswered "Did you even love me?"  She asks your ghosts that keep lingering  In her mind and heart Reminding her of things you promised  But never... Continue Reading →


it's been a while my mind going crazy every word rehearsed every thought captured I want to tell you a lot then I see your face and it all goes out its worthless to cause when you were here you looked at me but couldn't see me touched my body and in your eyes not... Continue Reading →

Dying alone

​It wasn't supposed to be She wasn't supposed to But she fell In love A fire she couldn't put off Slowly it burns Consuming her within No one to help her No one she can tell Cause she Wasn't supposed to      Love him. Photo courtesy: she knows  


I don't know how I feel But it's something  About you more than I wanna take And it gets me edgy And proving me weak I'm not strong enough  For whatever this is Till it goes away if ever Please stop the teases My emotions fragile already  Don't break me. It's a struggle  Keeping this... Continue Reading →

Someone you…

​I want to sit by the flowing river so cold Let it sweep away the heat I hold Get a cool off the fire that burns for you And have you lay your head on my laps To caress your face through all the edges I want to hold you And kiss you painlessly slow... Continue Reading →

Like you loved her

You found someone new One look at you looking at her Couldn't help but question  When you were mine Then when you said to love me Was it your best? You ask why I care Because I loved you Because I'll always do Makes me wonder Was it my best When you were mine? Could... Continue Reading →

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