Love bet 

​She said to Liam " allow me to forget you, stop showing up." He had always found a way of cropping back to her life and all those times she beat herself for allowing him in. This time she dared herself, to walk on and not look back. She 'meant it'.  I made a bet... Continue Reading →


Someone for her

She just wanted someone to hold Someone to kiss To lie besides and be free Not a worry about a thing Someone to laugh with Be crazy enough to break laws with Someone to love  And it be all worthwhile It's all she wanted. Where was he She still remembers that day When the one... Continue Reading →


​We were under the same sky Lying on the same position  Watch in the stars out on the same night What I still wonder is Were you thinking of what I was thinking too? If you'd held my hand maybe   Maybe if you'd kisses me Now I can't help but wonder Did you?

Count down

​I could sit around and drown myself in tears because you'll go away Or I could style up to spending every bit of the time you have left with you Either way it's a choice still making Defining memories  Oh but everytime I have to think about it I tear up How am I supposed... Continue Reading →

Love their way

​She avoided his eyes because deep down she knew she was gonna leave him. She loved him so much But her sister too much to watch her suffer and pain because of a broken heart, her cancer was deadly enough. She wasn't gonna watch her die early. So she gave up the man She loved... Continue Reading →

Life’s unavoidable lessons

What else was she supposed to do? Learn like everyone else Day by day she does  The nightmares slowly fading away She found a way To make peace with herself  And the thought of you never coming back. For a while she sat out  Always begging for you to come back  To love her even... Continue Reading →

A step back.

From a distance i sat and watched you You were happy without me Maybe twas the best thing my want- Was it so selfish? To be here for you It's all i wanted to do To listen when you needed someone to  To sit out under the warm stary night in quietness  To support you... Continue Reading →


​Innocent and pure Inaccessible in a frame so fragile  Will I find you?  I keep loosing my way Keep getting lost in emotions  Wild and unknown  So deep sometimes  To be falling in love it seems Guarded so guarded is your heart Sometimes I wonder Do you feel the way I feel?

Road most traveled 

​A road too familiar  The last she walked on She would have sworn  She'd never be back But here today she treads Alone again Hurt and crippled. She missed the days she couldn't feel The days she read nothing When twas just her And her tiny heart  All in one piece. A forgotten flower now... Continue Reading →

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