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Me, In Gratitude (2021)

When I syked up for an adventure in the tour across my land, this wasn’t anywhere near my expectations but it sure turned out the best I wouldn’t trade, not the people and not the journey and it’s lessons.
Maybe you’d think we’d have done better, but I’m convinced we did great, our very best all factors considered.
I don’t know about you, but you were my good company. ~ a honorable tour team and astonishing human.


Life happens in so many ways
To this, was a page in mine
And I can’t even bring myself to write about it, every part
I called, I prayed, I ran, frailty caught up with me , I resigned myself to fate,
Somewhere along the way I even smiled
But He wasn’t finished with me yet
He saved me
And here I am, a story later
Quite adventurous on the dark side 😉

#life #saved #loved


It’s human
And so am I.
The question always come up, ” why me?”
Then another quickly follows ” if not me then whom?”
Then it hits, there’s no one else I’d wish it for
And I encourage myself in the LORD
For one thing is true ~ His Word
He says His grace is sufficient
He says He won’t let more than I can handle come to me
He saw me, He sees me, He’s watching over me
Then I breath in deep and though I don’t understand it
I choose to trust Him.

#iamhuman #itrustHimwithme #Hisway


I’m not even sure why I was running
I wasn’t scared to die it never even crossed my mind
Was it the pain….did I even feel it
Or was it the fear of just being helpless and under attack?
Why was I running?

The little big questions that cross my mind.🤔


The pain did set in, finally
Lost in between fire and ice cold beat
The heart pumped like never before
And the body gave in to a weakness I never wanna experience
They were scared to tears for me
Everyone at their best to salvage a life
And GOD at His best preserving me in every bit
I am here
I am thankful.


You didn’t go wrong anywhere
There’s nothing I’d wish you did differently
You did the best you could
Twas a different day for me that’s all
And I’m thankful you stood by me and cared
Thank you.
I am here, I am well and so are you
That’s all that matters most
We are okay



If ever all the memories wanna fly past
I will hold on to yours
To the ends
I won’t forget you
Thank you.

By me.

~ a friend closer than a brother ~


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