I need you.

wasn't it enough? worth loving too?


I know

Love scared


It wasn't a game I couldn't win even so Placed my emotions on ice But too hot it still melt I don't want to Tell me I don't have to I know you're home within yourself But you're my home too Please let me in It's lonely and cold out here Strip out this sadness... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Cavity

A good read: The Sea You areThe seaYour tidesWashing uponMy hearts ShoreLeaving piecesOf saltyDriftwoodBurning brightly In spectacularShades ofGreenandBlueThe ashesResting inMy chestCavity whereMy soul Peacefully resides via Daily Prompt: Cavity

Thorn in my rose.

An obsession like poison You are to me Slowly killing me can't let go Said I wasn't gonna  But I keep forgetting You were thorns starving life off me Still I chase after you  Gasping for breath  To love just one more second When you'll love me too.

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