Color run

Love will always find its way



It turned out so wrong Everything did We were to be What forever means But we fell Unable to get back up In the blood stained grass We crawl over the pieces of our broken hearts We were to be keepers But it went all wrong we fell


A thousand pieces Her heart crushes Each time her shades fall off And she can't hide it anymore How broken she is From the quakes underneath Since you went away.


You were here with me Please stay Here under the rainy moonlit night Stay by me Me to lay gently on your laps To hold you tight The tremble of your voice serenade Your lips to kiss Watch you smile Your hands to caress my wet body on this mat to lie Into the silence... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Relocate

That night Looking into your eyes I knew I needed to relocate my heart It'd be long coming but when the sun set And the moon his beneath the clouds In your voice I heard And your actions screamed out loud Twas time to let you go You had never been mine All this while... Continue Reading →

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