a dream

I still dream I get lost in the photographs it appears so real didn't I capture your heart? when we were together I'd have sworn we loved in here somewhere we must have tried but I dream twas all it ever was  

She won’t 

Made it so easy Trading me for her Said your heart wants her She will give you everything.       Breaks my heart knowing She won't love you like I do No. She won't treasure you.        My heart you're leaving Broken to pieces  I was crazy To think you'd stay forever... Continue Reading →


I could try To make you stay Miss me like I miss you Find all words you need to hear Drown with you like you want to My heart aches so My body gives in to brokenness Hurts the most I gotta smile Stronger see your face everyday And not have you with me I... Continue Reading →

23.06.17 lost

Your smile is not what I want no! not the teases either not the stolen kisses fire you set in me piece by piece I burn. you tell me I'm too much taking life too serious for wanting you feeling the way I do. I want you to take your breath away love you till... Continue Reading →

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