Lost soul in love

And they loved a love that would never see the sunlight together



Thought of it repulses my heart Lost between emotions To cry or to laugh To hurt or block it all out How dumb could I be How smart did you get Did I have to end up the fool Questions cross my mind And living is hard in the sight of you How could the... Continue Reading →

You’ll never know

Your innocence breaks my heart You didn't know how hard I fell The grass beneath the stars at night Know my pain each passing day Your innocence pricks through my wounds The memories of you Every time under this sun I'm gonna be breaking For a long time on


Looked up to the sun And missed my heart When it was mine and whole When it beat for me Missed the rises When it chose me to live for Evening comes and it's gone Another day I die My lonely broken pieced heart The grave it's stop Hopeful I'll stop loving you then

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