My bitter sweet love

Told myself I deserved better  And I believed me too Sadly you were my everything  "My better" Everyday I loved you And you held on to me A piece of my heart broke  You'll never love me       Photo from:sugarheart


He still thinks of her The phone rings Inside his soul he struggles to keep himself together He's got her Maybe forever She'll always be the one forever begins and ends with his only love his heart just her photo by:shutterstock

Someone else 

There was always someone else To hold a candle for  To shelter from the rain Too fragile to care for  To love better Who's eyes drew him in And lips tasted sweeter With all the men she loved. Liam wasn't  different Easy to love But he still broke her heart Taught her to love him... Continue Reading →


Everyday she fights logic He was a forbidden man to love To want so bad and keep dreaming of But what about her heart Who's fight it for her cause it to stop Or choose another?         Photo courtesy: Tumblr  


​If someone had told me that I'd crush over you like I am now That I'd  spend nights sleepless  That even with my eyes open I'd dream of you That I'd be attached to you this much That I'd loose control over me, my feelings and moods cause of you  If someone had said that... Continue Reading →

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