Failing at unloving you

You taught me to love,I don't want to let you go.


Daily prompt: horizon

Somewhere in my desolate loneliness I search And hallucinate in the narrow boundary my eyes have set My mind wanders and like a child I dream Over the horizon each day I see hope You are gonna look for me, love me again You're coming home to me To kiss me again Press your chest... Continue Reading →

Daily prompt: shock

Like it was just yesterday Still at its thoughts shivers run all through my veins like lightning Suddenly without a word you were out Out of my life like I didn't even exist And it still hurts alot TThe shock of reality that I wasn't really the one you loved but her You went away... Continue Reading →


The sun sets and so does all her worries, peace as the silence fills the air she dreams on, it'll be better tomorrow.

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