daily prompts: Survive

fragile. I carry love the love you once swore for me my whole life wrapped in it. the sun seems to melt it down lately its going down and I will do anything to survive this with you hold my hand we'll make it. thought I loved you but now I know with everyday I... Continue Reading →


adrift in circles twas all in my head the song of love we danced to your arms where I laid I loved you and that only I knew life without you day in and out was adrift in a sea of unknown everyday hoping it won't be the day my boat capsizes so I can... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts: Descend

Your rejection descended on her last night She's been weird ever since Senseless as if she had no heart You killed her emotions  She's  stopped living  Like a kite Breathing blows her by 

Daily Prompts:  Final

You were her final straw at love Now all she's got  Besides her broken heart and dreams Memories, you left her in the cold Are all questions that'll remain unanswered "Did you even love me?"  She asks your ghosts that keep lingering  In her mind and heart Reminding her of things you promised  But never... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Exposed

you exposed my heart to emotions a fire out for only you my eyes to your smile my mind a shell of thoughts of you the world I saw through your eyes taught me to kiss like that when you tried to I'd never stop you my heart to feel and never want to give... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts:  panicked 

I panicked and called  The sun set Stars filled the dark skies The moon shine bright It got so lonely  The cold couldn't go away  I missed you I needed you In panic I called Scared First night with you gone... Sorry for being so needy

Daily Prompts:  Control

Head over heels Heart sold out Loving his every laughter  For a moment thought twas with me Didn't know twas at me for being a fool Tears won't stop flowing Unbelievable love could hurt Tried to stop the tears His laughter rings unending  Memories cloud my head Did I have to  fall for you like... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts:  YARN

My world changed with you So many corners and bends we made Broke rules to make us work Crossed oceans and deserts To get to where you were Now that I'm here And you go again Now I can't seem To live on Go on without you again Which way How Tell me I beg... Continue Reading →

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