to love someone so desperately cross the oceans to them and still remain invisible and unloved even at sunset... via Photo Challenge: Unusual it wasn't unusual that she had no one to share it all with pictures of my beautiful land and a heart burdened with a love unrequited...


Photo Challenge: Reflecting

In the end we all just want to live Broken or not Loved or unloved Maybe at dawn someone will love us via Photo Challenge: Reflecting    if not here, maybe in the skies I'll find love...

Over and over I’ll keep crying…

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate Carefully placed in her mind Word after another Holding on to their power They weren't the best memories But to forget She couldn't bring herself to Said it'd be greater sin than loving you To forget the hurt and brokenness You brought her to. She was gonna remember every time a... Continue Reading →

Weekly photo challenge: The Road Taken

One morning we took the road to fitness and healthy living, everyday we strive. #onthisroad Went on the road to my home, my beloved city This road brought me ⬇ My beautiful places under the sun #impalasanctuary

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