To the one who never asks why

let me always in you get lost


Dearest Lover

I wanna scream tell the world this crazy heart loves you I wanna go crazier dreaming of only you yet be strong to refrain from desperation for you I wanna win marathons tell them I won running from you I wanna dream of my pieces falling to place in your heart to wake up catching... Continue Reading →

For you

Dressed up for you today The way you like it Heard you describe her one time- the one you love Crazily I thought, maybe I'll be visible if only So I did Everything to look like her Men! I wanted to be her Have your eyes all on me Your soft warm hands .... I... Continue Reading →

Into the waves

Sail "Sail away with me " the ocean calls "I'll be enough" My poor soul it convinces. I wanted to be to you But it always demanded payment That we called love My all to you I'd give But still I'd never be enough You'd still chose her.

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