I could try To make you stay Miss me like I miss you Find all words you need to hear Drown with you like you want to My heart aches so My body gives in to brokenness Hurts the most I gotta smile Stronger see your face everyday And not have you with me I... Continue Reading →

23.06.17 lost

Your smile is not what I want no! not the teases either not the stolen kisses fire you set in me piece by piece I burn. you tell me I'm too much taking life too serious for wanting you feeling the way I do. I want you to take your breath away love you till... Continue Reading →


There were shadows of your heart Days you were the sun Turned out your light and left me for darkness Days you were my fire Encompassed my heart with love so warm Like ice you became Freezed my heart now so brittle and cold Closing my eyes in bed fighting the loneliness of you gone... Continue Reading →

What else to give?

Broken every rule Every principle I had Saw love in you Fell in with everything I knew Thought you had it to give So I gave you mine And you broke it My heart My soul crashed to ashes too Wasn't it love you bore? did we have to get here? Yet still in a... Continue Reading →

daily prompt: Loop

she's broken and every time in loops the pieces fall won't someone hold her make them stop? won't you hold her a hug be there for her wipe clear the taint pain has clouded over her eyes help her see. she's drowning won't you swim to her hold her hand pull her out of the... Continue Reading →


every time you walk away to her piece by piece the petals fall from around my imaginary garden I bleed cause it's my heart your ripping though forbidden I love you and the thorns as she pulls you away scar my soul breaks me to see you go again... photo: bleeding hearts  

daily prompt: Meddle

wasn't supposed to meddle but she did his eyes brown and sleepy the smile swaying something about him melted her heart away she had to follow thought she'd try. his hands running over her body his lips brushing down her neck the chills when he breathed down her spine set a fire to her heart... Continue Reading →

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