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Idleness is costly
Costed me peace
From whence I was before you
picking up my pieces I break over and over
walking away an impossibility from myself
don’t know to put up a fight
don’t know to pit up walls
like shells I keep scrambling before you
and apart like ice I melt at the heat of my anger
why can’t I resist you
nothing good you bring me anyway
But I will go back
To whom I was
Though a little fracture
A little hurt
To when you weren’t in my thoughts
And my heart was everything else but you
I will go back
To me before you.

If you were a lesson
Then I have learned
And if you were love
Then I lose
For I today am giving you up
You didn’t want to be held anyway
Forced it up on you for so long now
It’s long overdue
I give up.

Broken, yes
Hurt, yes
Wounded, deeply
Lost, oh how love can from yourself take you
But a ray of hope shines still
I will make it
A life after you
A life without you
One second at a time.

There is a light
I will find that way.

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